Uranus in Taurus

Uranus, the planet of sudden change, innovation and rebellion, has left Aries and entered the earth sign Taurus where it will transit for the next 7 years. This transit will shake up our comfort zones and transform the Taurus houses of our charts.

The energy of Uranus in Taurus is similar to the Rune Uruz and as I write this, I can see a herd of black cows galloping over the hill in the field next to my house. Both Uruz and Uranus in Taurus symbolise the untamed energy of the wild bovine, which shows us that on some level, we have outgrown our old lives and now we need an injection of this primal energy to get moving again. This is a wildcard energy and will take us on adventures beyond our wildest dreams as long as we don’t oppose the changes.

Too many of us live within our comfort zones, shying away from challenges and avoiding the “risk” of starting something completely new. We end up stuck in a rut for years, waiting for opportunities to fall out of the sky without actively seeking them out, then we live with regrets as we reach old age, wishing we had done things differently. Uranus in Taurus guides us towards making big changes now, and waiting no longer. Many of us will stop playing by the rules of society during this transit.

The earth needs more rebels, truth seekers and individuals brave enough to recognise that perhaps there are better ways to live than within the guidelines that the Government have set out for us all. When most of us work 40 hours a week in an office to pay for a house which will only be ours for a short time in old age and the powers that be dictate everything in our lives, including taxes, forcibly injecting our children, spraying our food with chemicals and manipulating our thought processes, how is this not slavery? It’s time for all of us to break the chains of modern society and reject the control of the Government. Nothing good has ever come from a society that discourages free thought. We only need to look back in history to see the evidence of that.

“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.” – Carl Jung.

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Mercury retrograde in Pisces

Mercury turns retrograde tomorrow at 29° Pisces and will appear to move backwards through the skies until the 28th of March, when it will turn direct at 16° Pisces.
Retrogrades are a natural cycle of life, and external events tend to slow down during these periods, with time appearing to move more slowly. The planets are not the cause of events, they’re simply a reflection of us and the choices that we’ve made under free will.
The spiritual purpose of this retrograde is for us to improve our communication and thought processes surrounding deception and illusions. As the retrograde starts off making an out of sign conjunction to Chiron in Aries, some conflict is expected which is karmic in nature. The retrograde is a good time for us to get things off our chests which we’ve been holding in for a long time and hopefully make peace with others. Sometimes an argument is needed in order to clear the air and finally move on. Retrogrades are review periods and during this Mercury retrograde period, issues from the past will come up again, giving us an opportunity to make changes and improvements.
In the retrograde chart, Venus is loosely conjunct the south node, and some of our retrograde stories may involve dealing with women or lovers from the past once and for all and putting an end to any deception from these people. Smear campaigns are very possible over the retrograde as narcissists and negative Neptunian people will try to paint a bad picture of you to others if they can’t control you any more. The retrograde helps us to learn the lesson of discernment and as we look back at our history with these people, we see that the red flags were there from the beginning.
This retrograde can help us develop our intuition and learn when to tell if another person is lying or trying to manipulate us. This is a skill that all of us should have, but modern society has caused us to lose touch with our true selves. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not your “gut” that will alert you to deception, but your heart.
Pisces is an intuitive and psychic sign, and during this transit we feel more drawn to spirituality and pondering over the mysteries of God, the universe and life after death, but we should try to avoid the negative traits of Mercury in Pisces, such as lying, being overly negative and seeing ourselves as victims. Mercury in Pisces is wonderfully creative, and we can use this time to create art and try experimenting with writing fiction.
Mercury starts off the retrograde forming a conjunction to Neptune and this may cause issues related to deception and confusion. It’s imperative that we remain truthful, avoiding even small lies as dishonesty will be highly exaggerated under this Neptune ruled retrograde and will lead to much bigger problems on down the line.
The risk of being swindled or taken advantage of is very high during this retrograde. Avoid falling for tall tales or sob stories that have been fabricated with the purpose of manipulating your emotions. Try to avoid making any large purchases over the retrograde period and especially avoid buying anything from used goods salesmen or second hand dealers.
During this retrograde it will become increasingly difficult to discern fact from fiction in the media. We should try to avoid the News and TV and work on self development instead. It’s much more healthy to spend the evening lost in meditation rather than absorbing the negative energy from the News.
Dos and Don’ts of the retrograde:
Try to hold off on starting new projects. If you must start something new, then be cautious, and realize from the beginning that this project may not be permanent, or may turn out differently than expected. This includes starting a new job, moving house, or starting a relationship during the retrograde.
Do not get married under a Mercury retrograde.
Try not to sign contracts during the retrograde. If you must, then read all of the small print, and do not make any verbal agreements.
Don’t panic about the retrograde and think that doomsday is coming. Retrogrades are a natural cycle of life. Mercury retrograde will happen three times a year for the rest of your life and you’ll never be able to avoid that. Make the most out of the retrogrades and identify the spiritual lesson before it starts so you are prepared.
Don’t get back with your ex during the retrogrades. These people left our lives for a reason. The Universe is bringing them back to see if you still; resonate with the energy of this person. If you want a good relationship then find someone new.
If you fell out with a friend or family member and then come back during a retrograde think very carefully before you let them back into your life. If they used you or betrayed you before, they will do it again.
Check your car and electronic devices before the retrograde as the energy will make them more likely to fail.
If you do have issues during the retrograde, thank the Universe for giving you a great opportunity to grow!
Crystals for this Mercury retrograde:
Blue lace agate, lapis or aquamarine for communication
Amethyst and Selenite will help you to keep a spiritual mindset and attitude.
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Venus enters Aquarius

Venus enters Aquarius tonight where it will transit until the 26th of March. Venus is the planet of love, sex and romance, and the detached energies of Aquarius are not completely comfortable when merged with romantic Venus.

People with Venus in Aquarius are drawn to unconventional relationships which often start as friendships. They value their freedom above everything else, and their rebellious natures can cause issues in partnerships due to them appearing as standoffish and uncaring because their thoughts are focused on some socio-economic issue rather than the relationship. Venus in Aquarius is looking for someone who shares their vision and dreams for the future.

Venus represents the love nature and love needs of a person, and Aquarius needs a partner who has prominent Aquarius or Uranus in their own chart. Strongly humanitarian, a first date with a Venus in Aquarius person may involve discussions about where you stand on important moral and political issues.

Uranus ruled Venus in Aquarius people are attracted to the unusual and futuristic, and the ability to think outside of the box is one of their greatest skills. They have a touch of the mad scientist and they are forward thinking and progressive.

Always true to themselves, Venus Aquarians are “fixed” so not very willing to change for their partners and they often stubbornly refuse to recognise their own flaws. However, once they find a partner who accepts them for who they are, and matches them intellectually, they commit fully to that person for the long term and they are usually loyal and honest lovers.

Venus in Aquarius people are very focused on their friends and groups or societies that they belong to and often find their partner within one of these common interest groups or sub-cultures.

During the transit of Venus through Aquarius, single people may find love through friends or common interest groups and couples may enjoy socialising and joining new groups together. Aquarius is a selfless sign concerned with justice and fairness which will be the focus of the next few weeks.

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Full Moon In Virgo

In just a couple of hours, a full supermoon occurs at 1° Virgo. A full Moon is when the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs, so in this case the Sun is in the water sign of Pisces. Full moons illuminate life areas that are in opposition to each other and as the opposition is a stressful aspect there will be some tension involved which leads to an ending or changes, however the astrology of the full moon is mostly positive with the potential for breakthroughs, growth, committment and adventures. A supermoon occurs when the Moon is closest to the earth and the effects of this lunation last for about two weeks.

The energy of the January eclipse season created much instability and stress with the effects still being felt in the present day, but the full moon will ground some of this erratic energy, and we’ll start to see positive and tangible results. Relationships that have been hit with multiple hardships will enter a calmer period with both partners feeling fully commited to the relationship and the responsibilities that come with it.

We can use the spiritual gifts of both Pisces and Virgo to guide us through the next few weeks. The signs seem very different, but working together at their highest frequencies they make a complete system helping us to develop our full potential. Virgo helps us manage the small details when Pisces helps us to see the bigger picture. Virgo uses logic and the left brain when making decisions and Pisces uses intuition and claircognizance. Both signs teach us that our highest calling is to be of service to our fellow humans, and the animal and plant kingdoms.

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Chiron enters Aries

Chiron enters Aries on Monday and this is one of the most important transits of the year. Chiron will remain in Aries until 2027.

What is Chiron?

In Greek Mythology, Chiron was a Master healer but he was unable to save himself from the deadly wound that he received from a poisoned arrow. In the birth chart, the placement of Chiron, which is a minor planet, represents our most painful wound, the one that we received early in life that we struggle to heal and continues to be a “sore spot.” This wounding may manifest over and over again, attracting the same archetypes and situations until the native acknowledges and makes peace with the wound and banishes any person or situation from their life that is of a similar energy to the original wounding.

As well as wounds, Chiron in a birth chart can indicate musical and artistic gifts and talents, healing abilities including natural medicine and energy healing, a flair for Astrology and someone who has the ability to act as a teacher or guide for other people.

The lowest frequency of a Chiron wound would be to hurt others in the same way that we ourselves were hurt. We can work with it from a higher vibration and use it to help other people. One example of this would be a victim of child abuse who later goes on to train as a counsellor – she still lives with the pain but she uses her experience to give children the help that she never received.

Chiron’s energy is Shamanic. When I read charts, I’ve noticed that Shamanic people have a “strong” or heavily aspected Chiron, frequently placed in the 12th house which gives the person the natural ability to travel through different spiritual realms. These are usually people who have suffered through long periods of physical or mental illness and had difficult childhoods, but always felt in tune with the spirit world. Chiron people frequently feel alienated and shunned by society and are often diagnosed with disorders and end up on medication. The Shamanic view of some mental illness is that it can sometimes be an initiatory soul crisis which aids spiritual development and encourages the person to surrender to the healing path and answer the call. Finding the meaning and lessons in this crisis is to unlock the cure.

During Chiron’s transit through Pisces, we surrendered to our wounds and pain and we felt compassion and empathy for other wounded beings. There was a tendency to “wallow” over our problems and play the martyr or victim. Some issues were caused by loose boundaries and deception and we may have glossed over the flaws of others and worn rose tinted glasses in our relationships rather than facing the truth. Many people suffered at the hands of psychic vampires who used manipulation in order to tug at our heartstrings. We made excuses for the people who hurt us and contributed to our own unhappiness by giving them a place in our lives.

Chiron in Aries will bring opportunities to heal our identities and we’ll become pro active in our approach to healing ourselves. No longer content with wallowing and reliving the past, we declare war on pain and on our (no longer hidden) enemies.

Armed with the wisdom gleaned from Chiron’s journey through Pisces, we aggressively fight for the right to be our true selves and to break through the situations in our lives that cause us to feel disempowered. Many of us follow the same old routine – work a 9-5 job, watch TV, get married, have kids, buy a house – but is this who you really are, or are you only conforming to society’s expectations of you? What is your identity when all of this is stripped away? Are you working in an office every day, living in suburbia when the real you would rather sell everything and drive a camper van around the world?

Chiron in Aries gives us the opportunity to live authentically but first of all we may have to experience an identity crisis and work towards peeling away the layers of falseness that we’ve worn over the years. The transit is the next phase of our spiritual awakening and the things that used to be important to us, like job titles and celebrities, may no longer interest us as much. We may experience increased conflict during this transit but we recover quickly as we learn to take back power from those who stole it from us. Reaching another stage of initiation on the path to enlightenment, it’s time for us to master the element of fire and review how we express it in our lives.

As the earth switches gears to move towards a different frequency and dimension, we’ll see more clearly through the illusions of society around us and as a result of that, we’ll unapologetically upset the apple cart and set fire to the status quo. As we shake off the shackles of the control system that we were born into, we furiously fight for our independence and freedom and demand the right to be ourselves. During Chiron’s transit in Pisces, many of us became aware that we were being manipulated by the fake news of the mainstream media and it was difficult to identify fiction from fact. Armed with the truth, the energy of Chiron in Aries helps us to form a new, authentic world which begins with the self realisation of each individual.

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Total lunar eclipse in Leo

Early tomorrow morning a total lunar eclipse occurs at 1° Leo at 5:16AM UK time (around Midnight in the States). A lunar eclipse is an extra potent and magickal full moon which creates massive life changes over the next six months. Eclipses can create a time of crisis and unexpected events.
An eclipse marks the end of one life cycle and the beginning of something new – for example an engagement, marriage, divorce, birth or death, a dramatic lifestyle change, a relocation, a spiritual awakening or a shift in consciousness.
Eclipses are always “big” and this eclipse is extra unstable due to a square from Uranus, the planet of sudden change, independence and rebellion. This is the last eclipse that falls on the Leo/Aquarius axis and we may be faced with sudden changes connected to our Fathers and Fatherhood. The eclipse marks the end of a cycle where wounds running down our paternal lines were highlighted, and hopefully we were able to glean the wisdom and identify the spiritual lessons of the eclipses from amongst the chaos.
The next cycle of eclipses will fall on the Cancer Capricorn axis which will bring our attention to wounds that run down the Maternal line connected to Motherhood and nurturement.
A total lunar eclipse occurs when a full moon makes a tight conjunction to the karmic North or South lunar nodes. In this case the moon makes a conjunction to the North Node which means we will feel the eclipse energy more on an internal and emotional level. The eclipse is helping us to “clean house” and banish toxic relationships and habits which no longer serve us so we can work together on creating a massive shift of consciousness and global awakening.
The eclipse will shake things up and cause endings, but in a few months we will look back and realize that these people or situations were obctacles in our paths that needed to be removed as they were blocking us from true happiness. An eclipse will strip away everything that is preventing us from living as authentic, spiritual beings.
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All planets direct

Currently all of the planets in the skies are in direct motion (not in retrograde). This is a wonderful opportunity to make some real progress at last and our lives feel like they’re moving on quickly. Such a difference from the last quarter of 2018 when we were hit with one retrograde after another and felt stuck and bogged down by never ending problems. Now the chains have fallen off and it’s up to us to take advantage of the new energy and create positive changes. Some persistant problems may seem to accelerate during the next few months which is the universe’s way of trying to push us towards a solution.

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