Full Moon in Scorpio

By Fiona Edgar

Tonight, we have a transformative full moon at 27° Scorpio. A full Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs, and in this case the Sun is in the earth sign of Taurus. Full moons illuminate life areas that are opposed to each other and as the opposition is a stressful aspect in astrology, there will be some tension involved as these forces are highlighted and brought to our attention. Each person will have a unique full moon story as it will fall in different places in our birth charts making aspects to our natal planets.

The full moon opposes Mercury in Taurus and we may experience conflict in our relationships with others due to stubbornness and an unwillingness to try something new. One person may want to stick with tradition and how things have always been done and the other wants to bring in some kind of radical change. These difficulties may be experienced in romantic partnerships, families or even in work. We may experience these energies as an internal struggle that we have inside ourselves – one example is that we long to transform our bodies, lose weight and become fit and healthy, but we find it so hard to let go of the old comfort foods that have been part of our lives for so long.

The energy of the full moon chart supports initiating positive change and encourages us to use a different approach when dealing with old problems that have been weighing us down for too long. Supportive aspects from the full moon to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn indicate that experimenting with new methods now will actually lead to long lasting stability and will also help us with our spiritual growth. Some people stay stuck in a karmic rut for years until the universe forces change upon them, sometimes in the form of a crisis or illness. It’s much easier to accept that nothing in life is meant to stay the same for long and it’s more joyful to ride the waves rather than cling fearfully to the past.

In the full moon chart, Venus in Taurus makes an exciting conjunction to Uranus the planet of sudden change which leads to the transformation of our relationships over the next few weeks, preparing for the new moon. The area of finances may undergo a transformation and this includes money that we earn ourselves or our partner’s money. These changes may be positive or more difficult to deal with depending on the aspects that the full moon makes to our individual birth charts.

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Mars enters Cancer

Tonight, Mars will enter intuitive Cancer where it will transit until July the 1st. Mars is the planet of drive, energy, sex, war and ambitions and it isn’t entirely comfortable in watery Cancer, but this shouldn’t be a difficult transit as long as we keep control of our emotions.
We may become more passive aggressive than openly combative unless we feel very threatened by something. People around us may seem to be easily hurt so it’s best to be gentle with our loved ones. We may become more defensive over the things that we see as belonging to us such as relationships, children, property and anything to do with the home. We should remember that being assertive is healthy and we should try to speak out rather than keeping our emotions bottled up as we might explode later. We may pour more energy into our homes during this transit and prefer to spend free time there, rather than going out.
Conflict may arise over emotional issues but we will deal with it with more compassion than normal and we’ll seem to have an intuitive understanding of our loved ones’ needs. Cancer people have a reputation for being passive but they become ferocious if something threatens their partners, friends or family, like a Mother bear protecting her cubs. Globally, we should expect to see more countries putting an emphasis on home security, rather than conflict abroad.
The Moon, which is the ruler of cancer, changes signs every two and a half days, so our Mars related activities may be prone to more ups and downs and it’s best to remain flexible. We should listen to our intuition as it’ll be stronger than normal and our sex lives may become more loving and intimate during this period.
Mars makes some difficult aspects to other planets during its journey through Cancer. On May 23rd, the planet makes a firey square to Chiron in Aries. We’re likely to experience some arguments with others on this day, with conflict arising out of nowhere. We should try to keep calm and avoid being overly sensitive. On June 14th, Saturn opposes Mars and we may experience issues with authority figures and our plans may be blocked in some way. On June 20th, Mars opposes Pluto and we’ll feel strongly motivated to reach our goals and we may be in competition with powerful people.
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New Moon in Taurus

On Saturday the 4th of May, a new moon occurs at 14° Taurus. A new moon, which is a conjunction between the sun and the moon, ends one cycle and creates another.
New moons are an ideal time for starting new projects and creating life changes.

This new moon makes a loose conjunction to Uranus, the planet of chaos and change and helps us to break out of ruts and old routines, and to bring some fantastic, fresh energy into our daily lives and schedules. The ruler of the new moon, Venus, is in Aries and this placement is perfect for bringing in new relationships or breathing fresh air into existing unions.

A supportive aspect from the new moon to Pluto encourages us to use any difficult issues as learning opportunities. Taurus is a stubborn sign and a little self awareness and emotional discipline can be enough to prevent situations spinning out of control. Father Saturn blesses the new Moon with his steady and grounded energy to ensure that any changes that we make are long lasting and helping us to grow.

In the new moon chart, Mars makes an opposition to Jupiter which increases our competitiveness and desire to win, but we should be careful not to bite off more than we can chew.

The energy of this new moon is similar to Uruz, the rune which represents raw, primal forces, territoriality, endurance and power. Uruz is a symbol of the Auroch, the wild and untameable bovine. This force is neither positive or negative, but only a strong and skilled practitioner can effectively channel and control this energy, using it to enforce boundaries and mark territory.

Artwork by Gabriel Tamaya

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Saturn Retrograde

Today, Saturn, the Lord of karma turns retrograde at 20° Capricorn and will appear to travel backwards until the 18th of September when it will turn direct at 13°. Saturn retrograde is a period where we live out the consequences of our past actions and decisions. So if we’ve caused pain to another person at any point in our lives, during the retrograde we may experience ourselves how we made the other person feel.

Karma is an energy that we create, it isn’t an external influence from outside of ourselves and we have full control over the type of energy that we choose to allow in our lives. The planets are a reflection of us and the choices that we’ve made under free will – The stars impel, they don’t compel.

Saturn retrograde is also a time when we may reap the benefits of our wise choices, and we may get a break from any difficulties that we’ve been experiencing since the start of the year. During this transit, life may feel like it’s slowing down, and we get an opportunity to review Saturnian themes like responsibility, structures, boundaries, discipline and authority.

The retrograde period helps us to break any negative cycles or behavioural patterns so we can experience the joy of a happy life and healthy relationships. Saturn is a hard taskmaster, but he helps us to grow if we understand his lessons properly.


Pluto Retrograde

Pluto has turned retrograde at 23° Capricorn and will appear to travel backwards through the skies until it reaches 20° on the 3rd of October. Transformation of the inner self is the theme of the retrograde period, and we may experience karmic lessons surrounding power, excessive or unhealthy sexual desire, control and manipulation.

We may have to confront our fears and demons and draw on our inner strength to work through these challenges. If there are power imbalances in certain areas of our lives, Pluto retrograde will help us to balance the scales, but it may involve letting some person or situation go and learning to embrace our own powers. During this retrograde, external events slow down which gives us an opportunity to review, reflect and correct.

Pluto transits are a great Psychologist and the self awareness created by the retrograde period gives us the ability to make better choices, which are then reflected in the world around us, improving our relationships. The retrograde shines a light into the darkest, most primitive parts of our brains so we can clearly see how sometimes we create our own problems, helping us to break lifelong habits which are destructive and damaging.

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Full Blue Moon in Libra

Tomorrow at 12PM (UK time) a full moon occurs at 29° the anaretic degree of Libra (Sun at 29° Aries). This is the second full moon of the month, and is classed as a blue moon. The anaretic degree signals a new cycle in our spiritual evolution.

The energy of this full moon gives us an opportunity to experience a real breakthrough, but we must remain cautious and think before making any sudden decisions. A sudden dash for freedom is likely with this full moon opposite Uranus.

Libra is the sign of partnerships, and the full moon in this sign will bring our awareness to the justice and balance in our relationships with others, romantic or otherwise. We may be given opportunities to rebalance a relationship if one party has too much power or control over the other. The full moon chart is favourable for legal issues as Jupiter in Sagittarius makes a sextile to the Moon. We may be faced with sudden but positive changes which may be difficult to deal with at first, but work out for the best in the end.

Pluto and Saturn in the Full Moon chart are conjunct the karmic south node of the moon, any issues that we experience over the next two weeks are likely to have been around for a long time, and involve power and control imbalances. This full moon creates an energy that helps us to overcome these issues, and to break the chains that bind us to abusers or oppressors, as long as we have the courage to do things a different way.

“The word of sin is Restriction.”

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Jupiter Retrograde

On Wednesday, Jupiter turns retrograde at 24° Sagittarius and will appear to travel backwards through the skies until August 11th, turning direct at 14° Sagittarius. The retrograde is an optical illusion, but the energetic effects are very real. Contrary to popular belief, retrogrades are not something to be feared, and Jupiter, which is the planet of good luck and good fortune, should not bring us many problems during its retrograde motion as long as we don’t throw our morals out of the window.

The retrograde slows down external events related to Jupiter in Sagittarius and gives us an opportunity to internally process them, review and make changes. Relationships will be a huge focus of this retrograde because of the asteroid of marriage, Juno being conjunct the Moon in Gemini in the Jupiter retrograde chart. Gemini is a sign that sometimes can’t make up its mind about their partner and be unable to commit.

Venus, the planet of love makes a conjunction to Neptune which can make us totally idealise the one that we love and help us to form a spiritual and otherworldly union, but the risk of falling for an illusion is there and we must be careful to keep the rose tinted glasses away from our relationships. Deception can be a theme of Venus neptune conjunctions, and it would be a grave mistake to throw away a long term partnership for something that isn’t real.

The Spiritual purpose of this Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius is to learn the importance of keeping the faith and remaining moral during testing times.

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