Total lunar eclipse in Leo

Early tomorrow morning a total lunar eclipse occurs at 1° Leo at 5:16AM UK time (around Midnight in the States). A lunar eclipse is an extra potent and magickal full moon which creates massive life changes over the next six months. Eclipses can create a time of crisis and unexpected events.
An eclipse marks the end of one life cycle and the beginning of something new – for example an engagement, marriage, divorce, birth or death, a dramatic lifestyle change, a relocation, a spiritual awakening or a shift in consciousness.
Eclipses are always “big” and this eclipse is extra unstable due to a square from Uranus, the planet of sudden change, independence and rebellion. This is the last eclipse that falls on the Leo/Aquarius axis and we may be faced with sudden changes connected to our Fathers and Fatherhood. The eclipse marks the end of a cycle where wounds running down our paternal lines were highlighted, and hopefully we were able to glean the wisdom and identify the spiritual lessons of the eclipses from amongst the chaos.
The next cycle of eclipses will fall on the Cancer Capricorn axis which will bring our attention to wounds that run down the Maternal line connected to Motherhood and nurturement.
A total lunar eclipse occurs when a full moon makes a tight conjunction to the karmic North or South lunar nodes. In this case the moon makes a conjunction to the North Node which means we will feel the eclipse energy more on an internal and emotional level. The eclipse is helping us to “clean house” and banish toxic relationships and habits which no longer serve us so we can work together on creating a massive shift of consciousness and global awakening.
The eclipse will shake things up and cause endings, but in a few months we will look back and realize that these people or situations were obctacles in our paths that needed to be removed as they were blocking us from true happiness. An eclipse will strip away everything that is preventing us from living as authentic, spiritual beings.
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