Venus enters Sagittarius

Venus, the planet of love and pleasure, has entered Sagittarius where she will transit until the 3rd of February, bringing adventure and freedom to our love lives.
The energies of this transit help us to seek the truth and discover the spiritual meaning of our relationships. Sagittarius is connected to foreign lands and we may feel more drawn to travel at this time and start to plan our summer holidays.
Sagittarius is a spiritual sign and during this transit we will take pleasure in hanging out with spiritual friends or those from a different cultural background.
During the transit of Venus in Scorpio, our relationships were intense and may have been touched by jealousy or tragedy. Now that the Goddess of love starts her journey through the firey realm of Sagittarius, joy and excitement can return to our love lives and we become more hopeful about the future.
Sagittarius is an affectionate and big hearted sign as long as you give them enough room to breathe and their sense of adventure is endearingly innocent.
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