Full Moon in Cancer

The Moon has entered Cancer. The energies of this lunar transit help us to get in touch with our emotions and we may feel like staying at home with our families rather than going out. We may feel more moody and touchy at this time and prone to comfort eating.

This is a FULL moon at 0° Cancer marking the winter solstice. The moon makes an opposition to Saturn which may cause us to feel some sorrow or pessimism, but our problems may not be as bad as we first think. Full moons illuminate a life area which then causes transformation and the position of Uranus in the full moon chart indicates that making changes now will result in a positive outcome later. The cardinal full moon encourages us to initiate changes and take action for the best results.

A full Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon make an opposition and in this case the Sun is in Capricorn. Cancer and Capricorn are the Mother and Father of the zodiac and this lunation may highlight the relationships that we have with our parents and children.

A romantic sextile between Venus and Neptune in the full moon chart means that relationships should flow easily at this time and we get pleasure from healthy escapism from reading or watching our favourite TV shows.

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