Final New Moon of 2018

Early tomorrow morning (in Europe) and this evening in North America, we have the final new moon of 2018 which also marks the last retrograde of the year.

A new moon, which is a conjunction between the sun and the moon in the same sign, ends one cycle and creates another. The new moon is an ideal time for starting new projects and creating life changes. This new moon falls at 15° Sagittarius and is loosely conjunct benefic Jupiter but makes a separating square to Mars and Neptune.

During 2018, we experienced seven retrogrades including Venus & Mars which resulted in some stressful times for all of us. This wasn’t the universe being unfair – there was a spiritual purpose for these retrogrades, and many of us managed to break through difficult karmic cycles and blockages which had been ongoing for years. Now we get the opportunity to breathe as the energies of the next few months support us in making progress.

Some relationships fell away and although this was painful, it was a natural part of our spiritual awakening process. An awakening nearly always results in losing friends and family members and sometimes this is because we stop tolerating behaviours from them that we once accepted. Another reason for separations is that long term friends and family can’t accept that we’ve changed, and our new awake selves make them feel threatened. If we have only one person in our lives who understands us, then we’re truly blessed.

The new moon presents some difficulties from the Mars and Neptune squares and this may cause some confusion. We should be aware of the potential for deception – either from others or continuing to kid ourselves over some matter. Mars, the God of war, may create some conflict with others, but we should try rise above this and nolt let others lower our frequency.

The new moon heralds a new beginning for all of us and we can blaze ahead at full steam over the next few months if we use this energy wisely.

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