Venus enters Scorpio

Later today, Venus will reenter passionate Scorpio where it will transit until January the 7th. This is the second transit of Venus in Scorpio due to Venus retrograde. Under the energy of Venus moving through the underworld, love intensifies and we’re not satisfied by anything fluffy or superficial.

People with Venus in Scorpio tend to be all or nothing in their relationships and they ooze sex and sensuality. Think of a femme fatale with dark hair, red lipstick, black eyeliner and perfumed with Dior’s “Poison.”

Venus in Scorpio may avoid relationships because of a fear of betrayal and they might wait for years to find someone suited to their level of intensity, but once they fall in love they’ll love you forever. That is, unless you betray them, then they’ll cut you off and never contact you again.

During this transit, some bonds may strengthen while other, weaker bonds break and we’ll seek transformation through intimacy, sex and exploration of the shadow side.

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