Neptune direct

Neptune, the planet of dreams, spirituality, illusions, and the subconsious has been travelling in retrograde motion since June and tomorrow the planet stations direct. The retrograde caused us to reassess and question the truth about our lives and some illusion or fantasy may have been shattered, forcing us to see the uncomfortable reality of a situation.

The retrograde taught us to be more realistic about life, learning how to trust our intuition over the honeyed words of others, and giving us a well needed reality check.

Neptune direct will make life seem softer and more supportive but there is a risk of retreating too far into an inner dream land and falling for deception again because the truth is too unpleasant to face. We will feel this on a personal but also a global level – world events are already getting incredibly confusing and we’re unable to trust the mainstream news.

On the plus side, direct Neptune is highly creative and the direct motion period is a good time to write fiction, create art and films and also practice psychic, shamanic and dream work.

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