Solar Eclipse in Leo – 10/08/2018

Tomorrow, a new moon partial solar eclipse occurs at 18 degrees Leo. Seeds planted on a solar eclipse create a massively powerful and life changing new beginning, so we should set our intentions now for the next six months.

An eclipse marks the end of a life cycle and the beginning of something new – for example an engagement, marriage, divorce, birth or death, or a dramatic lifestyle change. Eclipses are always “big” and in the sign of Leo, this Solar eclipse promises some fireworks and drama but with the potential for victory and success at the end of a bumpy road.

A conjunction between the eclipse and Mercury retrograde indicates that we should review and analyse the past in order to create a positive future and change for our children.

The eclipse in Leo asks us to settle some old karmic issues which involve our Grandfathers, Fathers and Father figures. Leo is associated with the heart, and digging into the past may help us to heal our hearts and identify karmic patterns, creating positive change in our relationships and ensuring that our own children don’t experience the same issues.

This eclipse is ideal for clearing away inherited problems or “family curses” which run down the Paternal line. We should try to meditate on the day of the eclipse and ask our ancestors to show us the solutions to any emotional problems that we have, in order to bring healing to the Family. This may involve being brave enough to identify where we have played a role in continuing any destructive behaviour patterns that we learned from our parents.

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Venus enters Libra

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, has entered Libra where it will transit until the 9th of September. Venus is at home in Libra and this transit blesses our relationships with romance and balance as long as we stay focused on commitment and love, avoiding fickleness or disloyalty.

The energies of this transit encourage us to live in peace and harmony and we tend to avoid conflict during this time, but we should avoid sacrificing our own needs in order to avoid arguments.

Venus in Libra can cause some indecision in relationships and we should avoid running off with the first pretty things that catch our eyes and stay grounded in reality. Remain heart centered and this should be a pleasant transit overall and it should help us to regain some balance and enjoy the pleasures of life again after the hard slog of the last few months.

Venus turns retrograde on the 9th of October in Scorpio and will travel backwards into Libra until November 16th. The karmic retrograde period will give us an opportunity to review Venus related issues, such as love, self esteem and money.

The energies of this transit support date nights, sex, romance, socialising with family and friends, art, decorating our homes, and changing our wardrobes and physical appearances.

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Total lunar eclipse in Aquarius

Today a total lunar eclipse occurs at 4° Aquarius at 9:20PM UK time. A lunar eclipse is an extra strong and potent full moon and if it touches something in your birth chart, dramatic changes will occur in your life over the next six months. This is the longest lunar eclipse of the century and its conjunction to retrograde Mars and the karmic south node means that this will be a dramatic eclipse for all of us, regardless of where we are

in the world or where it falls in our individual charts.

An eclipse marks the end of a life cycle and the beginning of something new – for example an engagement, marriage, divorce, birth or death, a dramatic lifestyle change or a relocation. Eclipses are always “big” and in the sign of Aquarius, the changes that we can expect will enable us to break free and slip out of our chains. Aquarius is the sign of the rebel and freedom fighter and no matter how difficult things seem over the eclipse period, the outcome is that our lives will ultimately be improved by the changes.

The energy of the eclipse is similar to the Tower card in the Tarot. In the imagery of the card, the existing structure of the tower is struck by lightning and catches fire, with two people falling out of the building. This symbolises sudden and unforeseen change which leads to liberation. Although the image on the card is alarming, maybe the two people had been trapped or held captive in the Tower and the lightning enabled them to finally escape.

The card that follows the Tower is the Star which is associated with Aquarius and symbolises beautiful new beginnings and spiritual enlightenment.

The conjunction of Mars, the God of War to the eclipse means that we’re highly likely to experience conflict and anger during this testing and emotionally charged eclipse but as Mars is retrograde this is karmic in nature and identifying the spiritual lesson of the conflict is the best thing that we can do for ourselves. Try to remain calm and peaceful, but don’t necessarily walk away from any issues that crop up.

Globally, the effects of this lunar eclipse indicate war and conflict and a struggle between darkness and the light.

The Moon in Aquarius and Mars are conjunct the karmic South Node. This illuminates old conflict which has been a reoccurring theme in our lives and the eclipse is an opportunity to finally end it.

Crystals to use on the eclipse: Amazonite for courage and truth. Green selenite for adaptation and harmony.

Take a bath with cypress essential oil and seasalt to symbolise cleansing away old energies from your life. Burn sage, cypress or frankincense incense.

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Mercury enters Leo

Mercury has entered Leo where it will transit until September the 5th. This is an extra long transit due to Mercury retrograde starting on July the 26th.

Mercury in fire sign Leo encourages us to speak with confidence and many public figures have this placement in their birth charts. We become more focused on our goals, with our thoughts concentrating on our own needs and desires. Leo is the sign of the actor, and our speech and mannerisms become more dramatic and theatrical now. During this transit our communications with others become warmer and more affectionate and we can truly speak from the heart.

We should try to avoid the negative traits of Mercury in Leo, such as interupting others when they’re talking, or not listening in conversations properly. Be sure to think clearly before taking part in conversations or making plans which may affect other people.

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Mars Retrograde 2018

Mars in Aquarius turns retrograde today at 09° until the 27th of August where it will turn direct at 28 Capricorn. The energy of this planet turns inward now and appears to slow down, giving us an opportunity to review how we express Mars energy. Mars joins Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto in retrograde motion and I’ve seen some alarmist articles circulating on the internet about this, but retrogrades are a natural cycle of life, and external events tend to slow down during these periods, with time appearing to move more slowly. The planets are not the cause of events, they’re simply a reflection of us and the choices that we’ve made under free will.

Mars is the warrior planet and when in direct motion, encourages us to forge on with our plans and keep moving, fighting and battling ahead. During the retrograde motion, which happens approximately once every two years, the energy forces us to slow down and to reassess and internalise life issues and to think long and hard before initiating projects.

People around us will appear to be more passive than normal as the assertive and aggressive nature of Mars is difficult to express now. This is especially true for those of us with personal planets and angles in Scorpio and Aries as during this period, we’ll learn better ways to work with  the energies of Mars. And for those of us who have a prominent Mars in our birth charts (such as conjunct the ascendant or another angle). We must remember not to take things at face value with other people as repressed anger may resurface later as an explosion. It’s better to talk about any Mars related issues during this period rather than ignore them and keep our emotions bottled up. Communication and analysis are the keys here rather than quick and swift action.

Hesitating and waiting for more information isn’t a bad thing as Mars retrograde is thought to be an unfortunate time to initiate anything that Mars rules, such as War (can be divorce or any kind of argument or disagreement). Starting any kind of action against another person now is said to result in the initiator losing the project and it backfiring badly and quickly. Globally, this will be true as well as on a personal level and secret missions and military operations started now are likely to fail or have hidden agendas.

Karma created during this retrograde will manifest in the next two years.

As with all retrogrades, karmically, this is a time when our choices will come to fruition and we will experience a boomerang effect if our actions don’t stem from the best intentions and aren’t in line with our individual missions of this lifetime (the story of the North Node of the moon in our birth charts). Mars will remain in conjunction with the transiting South Node for most of the retrograde, the South Node shows us the issues that we need to leave behind in order to grow spiritually and emotionally. 2018 is the year of the retrograde, and collectively, humankind is working with this energy to heal our shadow side in order to progress and create a new world.

Retrogrades help us to see how our actions affect others and are excellent times to use  psychology to analyse ourselves and our relationships. We may be tempted to be sneaky or use deception to get what we want, but this is a bad idea, and hinders our spiritual growth.

Old lovers and past life loves may try to return to us during this time, but these relationships are Martian in nature and may be based on sex and physical attraction rather than anything long lasting and substantial. We may also have a history of violence and conflict with these people, either in this lifetime or former lives. It’s best to avoid unwholesome situations, and avoid any people who will cause harm to ourselves and existing relationships. Mars retrograde is an ideal time to banish certain archetypes that have manifested over and over again in our lives, such as the abusive lover or the narcissistic friend. The universe won’t stop these people from coming into your life until you take responsibility and cut all ties with them completely. We may look back on old relationships and friendships with rose tinted glasses, but in reality these people were harmful towards us and left our lives for a good reason and we should not allow them back again. When in doubt, we should return to traditional values and try to llive our lives in a similar way to that of our Grandparents.
Clandestine affairs and covert communications will badly backfire if initiated during this time.

We may find ourselves in difficult situations that have been strong themes in this lifetime and our past lives. We’re getting a chance to deal with the issues in a different way so we can end the cycle. We need to think carefully as any knee jerk reactions will get us into trouble later and  rather than blaming other people, we need to be strong enough to look inwards and identify the role that we’ve played in creating these situations.

Our sex lives may be affected by Mars retrograde and we may suffer from sexual frustration and enter a period where our sexual energies are repressed in some way. It’s important to know that this is temporary, and that the energy we normally use during sex is being channelled into another part of our lives for the time being. The retrograde period gives us an opportunity to review our sex lives, and to consider that a more conservative and old fashioned approach to sex is healthier for us and our relationships than promiscuity, pornography and loose boundaries between men and women.

For some of you, your Mars retrograde story will involve recovering from an illness or operation, so a period of rest and recuperation is coming up. Health issues and accidents are more likely during this cycle, so avoid risks and take care.


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Neptune Retrograde

Neptune started its retrograde journey today at 16° Pisces and will travel backwards through the sign until the 24th of November, where it will turn direct at 13°.

The chart for the retrograde features a grand trine pattern in water signs which acts as a doorway to real spiritual and emotional progress as long as we use self awareness and remain open to identifying and working on our flaws, rather than pretending that they don’t exist or blaming others for our problems.

During this transit we’re being given the opportunity to see our lives more clearly and to let go of any illusions, deceptions and fantasies and to live in truth, bringing healing to our relationships and any wounds from the past that have continued to cause confusion.

You may be faced with situations which call for you to use discernment and you should avoid starting relationships or getting involved in situations that are based on lies or deception as these will cause loss and pain later on.

The energies of this transit will help you to focus and make better decisions and it’s a good time to take a look back at your life and identify any situations where you accumulated karma due to making the wrong decisions that had a negative impact on other people, or by making the same bad choices and expecting different results. When you find yourself in the same situation over and over again with different people, maybe it’s time to figure out why you’re allowing them into your life. This is something that can easily be identified by your birth chart, so if you feel stuck then I’d recommend a chart reading with me.

During Neptune retrograde we’ll have a clearer understanding of our hopes and dreams for the future and the universe will support us in making those dreams a reality. You may find the tools to build something that you once thought was impossible and you may have an epiphany about something that has been bothering you for the last few months.

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Last Quarter Moon in Pisces

Today, a last quarter moon occurs when the Sun in Gemini forms a difficult square aspect to the Moon in Pisces. The Quarter moons bring minor crisis and challenges and we find ourselves facing some hurdles before next week’s new moon.
This mutable last quarter moon creates change which may be difficult to deal with at first. Conflict may arise from over analysing many different sources of information which disturbs our inner peace and tranquillity. It may be hard to figure out the truth about something we’re torn between our intuitive hearts and logical minds.
We may experience information overload on this day which overwhelms our senses and causes anxiety. We may feel harassed by the communication of others who demand constant interaction when we just don’t feel like talking. It may be a day when we’re forced to deal with facts and figures, but we’d rather be back in bed or meditating under a tree somewhere.
If you’re able to, put your phone on silent and limit activity with computers and electronic devices. It’s important to have healthy boundaries and realise that you don’t have to reply to every Facebook message or email immediately. Work may be busy today which causes stress, but the weekend is just around the corner.
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